Sexual abuse

Hey, hey welcome back! today I will be discussing about a video I saw online that disturbed me, before I get into that have you pledged your support to 16DaysofActivism. If you have not please do, it is to end gender based violence.

Okay now, back to the video. It was a video about an 11 year old girl who was raped by an adult in her community after she refused his advances and his 50 Naira offer. What really disturbed me was when she said, two women approached her and told her to lie that it was her father who raped her. Where is our conscience? A girl just had her innocence snatched from her and the best these women can do it ask her to lie about her violator.

This just shows that our civic duty to protect the younger ones from neglect, physical, emotional and sexual violence is lost. The blame we all assign to parents when a child is raped (what kind of parent are you) should stop, remember the statement "It takes a village to raise a child" the village is not only the parents but everyone around the child.

We are all to be watchful of children who go to adults houses, we are all to protect children from all forms of violence, we shouldn't have to wait for activists and lawyers it is OUR responsibility it is all on us. Not all children speak out after being violated so we have to be watchful and listen to children. If there's a child around you being abused take up the case, report to the police and follow up until justice is served.


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