Nigeria needs promise keepers as leaders – Fela Durotoye

The presidential candidate of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) Fela Durotoye, has said that for Nigeria to grow and be among the leaders of the world, it needs leaders who keep promises. Durotoye said this while speaking to news men recently.

Durotoye stated that Nigerians have suffered enough unfulfilled promises from the past and present governments who have toyed with the hearts of its citizens thereby making life unbearable to many.

“We want people of integrity, promise keepers that can make promises and keep them. I believe Nigeria deserves a government that is transparent and accountable to its people and these are the values upon which Alliance For New Nigeria (ANN) was founded and that is exactly what it is that we are bringing into governance” said Durotoye.

“For a nation to become truly great we must have a government that works for everyone and not just a few, a government doesn’t just work for a privileged few and their families but a government that seeks to serve and not rule over its citizens. We don’t want a government of rulers but a government of leaders, leaders of excellence who have proven themselves in their own endeavors in different spheres of life especially even when they did not have any office”.

Durotoye however task Nigeria to come out in mass to build a new nation with new mindset and fresh ideas that would catapult the country to the top among the community of great nations.

“The new Nigeria is built by a new people with a new mindset and in February we have the opportunity to decide whether we are going for the old that has brought us this far with the penury and poverty that we have suffered or with the new generation of nation builders who will together build a nation that we will be proud of whether you are at home or in diaspora we must restore the pride and glory of Nigeria among nations.”


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