Makeup Tips That Can Make You Look Like You Had A Professional Touch.

Following the right routine can help to keep your makeup from becoming a mess by lunchtime and have people seeing you as a professional.

Start with a good base Preparing your skin before you apply makeup is important. Start by washing your face so it’s sparkling clean, then apply a quick face mask—before applying moisturizer. The skin is plump, it’s moisturized, and it’s even-toned. This will help reduce the amount of foundation that you will normally put on.

Prime your face Even if you’re using a product with built-in primer or tinted moisturizer, starting with a primer will help to even out the texture of your skin and keep your makeup in place. Putting primer down first gives an additional layer of something to hold on to.

Choose one that matches your skin type: a smoothing one for large pores or fine lines, a mattifying one for oily faces, or a hydrating one for dry skin.

Apply with a brush No matter how tempted you are to use your fingers to apply foundation, never ignore your brushes as it is meant to be a hands-off process if you want your look to stay. Otherwise the oil from your fingers could transfer to your face, and you’ll use more product than you need.

Brushes apply the product evenly, which is one of the reasons why your makeup stays longer. You aren’t having a thicker layer on one side vs. thinner on the other. You’ll have consistency with how the natural oils of your face mix with the product.

Apply in layers Use a light hand to apply powder blushes and bronzers. Sweep it lightly and layer it on, while blending it in. Smudging away any harsh lines will make it less obvious if your makeup does start to melt away.

Prep your eyes An eye cream will help get rid of dark circles and leave you ready for concealer. It really smooths out the skin. However, you should only apply under your eye—if you put it on your eyelids, the moisture will cause your eyeshadow to slip into your creases.


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