Health risks from sexual abuse

Hello, welcome back, today I would be discussing on the health consequences of sexual assault. Sexual abuse is the most prominent form of abuse against women and it is the least reported especially among children, because they are threatened or fear no one will believe their story, or they fear judgments and criticisms.

Sexually abused women are opened to various health consequences asides unplanned pregnancy, others include more frequent visits to the physician, chronic diseases, chronic pain, high-risk sexual behavior (unprotected sex, multiple partners, etc.), gynecological and perinatal complications, sexual problems (e.g. painful intercourse, vaginismus in women) and greater risk of contracting HIV and STBBIs.

We have heard about these consequences opened to a women or a child who is raped, they are even thought in schools to curb this behavior from a tender age, yet there is still increase in these cases. We need to wake up and fight for the girl child and women any way we can, they carry nations in them.

Imagine a teenage girl raped and pregnant, family influences may lead her to having an abortion which could in turn go wrong and affect her uterus, cervix, or ovaries. Sexual abuse is still a prominent issue, it has nothing to do with walking alone at night, wearing short clothes.


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